GIRAFFE RESTAURANT STRATFORD I rate this restaurant a 10/10 it was really great. Our waiter was so polite and attentive. It was very busy, however, he never made us feel as if we needed to choose our food quickly. The food option is very varied ranging from a small tapas and side dishes such as Soybean pods and Nachos Nirvana, along with mains including world tapas, brunch dishes as well steaks, lamb tagine, and chicken Milanese FOODS Our food was very tasty, I opted for the Thai Duck stir fry with noodles, my friend chose the same dish but with rice instead. When I signed up with Giraffe restaurant I received a voucher for a free drink, plus another voucher for a free main so the mean was very cheap. They always have promotions. #tastyfood #greatservice #promos